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The Absynth Minded Girl's Journal

Monday, April 4, 2005

11:56PM - trying something out

12:15AM - kate, you remind me of old addictions. i hold you responsible for this.

You Are A Cypress Tree

You are strong, adaptable, and striving to be content.

You're good at taking what life has to give - even if you don't like it.

A passionate lover who can't be satisfied, you are quick tempered at times.

You hate loneliness, want love and affection, and need to be needed.

A bit of a live wire, you love to gain knowledge any cost... and you can be careless at times.

What is Your Celtic Horoscope?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

12:30AM - interesting fact:

the word "whore" comes from the same indo-european word as "cherish" and as the sanskrit word "kama" (as in kama sutra)

*cue music and star crossing the screen*
the more you knooowww

i just love useless facts.

Thursday, November 4, 2004

7:48PM - wave of mutilation

again, again, its been too long. Ive been superbusy so thats no good, but... well, there is no but. im stressed out and currently pmsing. woohoo for me.

fuck bush. im terrified.

halloween was good times, I was the most amazing drag queen EVER.

i cant remember what i had to say... i think i just felt like doing something wasteful so i dont have to do work.

oh, and im cleaning out my friends list. if i dont know you personally, your off. sorry kids, i know my life is thrilling and all, im just tired of having to scroll through journals i dont read to get to the ones i want to read.

kisses to all the kids i havent seen, and to those who i have.

Current mood: apathetic

Wednesday, October 6, 2004

9:38PM - ps

oh, i almost forgot to add- kate and megan will be interested in this.

i was at a party last friday night, and i see chris villaronga or however the hell you spell it.

i go "what the fuck? didnt i go to high school with you?"
he goes "yea! *preceeds to give me a hug* how you doin baby girl?"
*i stand akwardly waiting for him to leave so little one can get back to stealing shit from the dickheads whos party we were at*

woa woa woa... last time i checked we hated each other. i was a little weirded out by the whole experience.

9:31PM - bitches get stitches

wow, its been a while. busy busy busy. cmj next week sweeeetttt....

it strange, when people ask me how i am, i honestly dont know. i havent had time to think about it.

not much has happened, really. just school. and work. and school. and work.

my brain exploded on tuesday. in russian class. im finally recovering. thanks to lydia and her stellar head rub.

i wish i had some grand thing to report, but nay, i do not.


Current mood: indifferent

Tuesday, August 31, 2004


well, i have the internet now! woohoo. ive been partying hard, and now its school time. im taking russian. sweet.

i dunno, i really dont have much to say, i though i would just update cos i CAN now. internet and cable, commence!

Current mood: awake

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


hola, mis amores.

tomorrow is my last day of spanish and my final. a dios mio! estoy muy emocionante! is that even correct? who knows.... but after this, no more formal spanish for me... just spain next summer, which i can deal with. i want to take russian so i can scare people off by telling them i love them... anyways.

sunday sunday sunday!
my birthday
moving into my apartment
and hopefully some martinis. sweeeetttt.

kate and megan! horah!

Current mood: bouncy

Monday, July 19, 2004

1:41PM - well... shit, son.

i just got back from a family reunion in pittsburgh... the mitchell clan reunion. not too eventful except that it was a scottish reunion and not a drop of alcohol was in sight. my great uncle jack (who is my hero cos he had a thick white handlebar moustache and a kilt on) told us to "put up with this for a few hours, then we can go back to my house to wet this whole thing down." i dont know what they were thinking... scots... without booze... seriously, what the fuck?

anyways... only two more weeks of class, two weeks till my birthday, two weeks till i move into my place. sweet ass sweet.

when are my girls gonna come visit? soon, please? i missy much. xoxo

did i mention my strange sightings in the last two weeks? well, first i was going to my friends cabin in shippensburg. we get off the 83 exit from the turnpike and i pull to the side to wait for someone who is following me. i see the car in front of me stop. then back up. "what the fuck are they doing?" says i. then the driver gets out of the car... and who else but evan moritz strolls up to me! i squeel. we talk, then part ways. but who would have ever thought that i would see someone so randomly?
well, a week later im driving to pittsburgh with my sister. my sister is taking a shit cos she ate ice cream and it went straight through her. im sitting in the car flipping through a magazine when i see... none other than mr brian werner. we talk for a bit... how strange! how strange that i see people in such odd places! i hope this starts a trend in my life, its absolutely exciting!

anyways. im tired and im talking in "a voice" so im going to stop now.

Current mood: cheerful

Thursday, July 8, 2004

12:09PM - knoxville = gay? say it aint so!

i had a dream last night that i was walking down the carlisle pike when someone pulls up. as it turns out, i had to pretend to be married to johnny knoxville so i could meet his grandparents. maybe my dreams are telling me that hes gay, and i was his beard. or something. i dont know, man. i dont usually have famous people in my dreams. ive had ll cool j, jay z and p diddy, geoffrey rush, and now johnny knoxville. thats a ragtag little crew if i ever saw one.

Current mood: cheerful

Thursday, July 1, 2004

12:30PM - my brain has exploded.

of all the crazy people who live in wc, the guy i met last night takes the cake. i was just sitting at my coffee shop,talking to some friends when a small bearded man walks up (never trust a man with a beard longer than an inch... even then, its sketchy.) and sits across the table from me as to talk to one of the girls i was talking to. well, somehow he starts to engage me in his mania. he starts talking about how all the world leaders are in a satanic cult out to rule the world. they worship a babylonian god just north of san francisco and are trying to bring about a new world order or martial law and mind control. he knew about the mind control because he was a "victim" of it in the 90s, they said he was schizophrenic but he just knew the truth. he goes on to tell a few other stories, my favorite being the one about how aliens (a reptelian race) came to earth long ago and instilled us with the idea of evil. Thats why the snake is evil in ancient myths and such. but we're not going to tell him that that was only a christian idea, becuase he would just go back on his rant. my brain almost exploded at the pure lunacy of it all. but aparently, within the year, this militaristic state will come along and well all be surpressed and put into labor camps. oh and another terrorist attack (which is likely either way). he says these things not because he is a prophet, but because he has a "mysterious sense and clarity of the world" my brain = jello.

but anyways, yes its been a while. what has happened since may 22? ive been in the old west chester, rockin out and such. i still have no job after a whole shitload of searching. my friend tara got married (and i got hit on by a creepy groomsman who said i looked like karen o-- ive never been so insulted in my life), megan turned 20!, saw a comet that night, took my archaeology class for eight hours a day for 3 weeks, got heat exhuastion the last week, went swimming in a creek, i have been learning to cook on my own (scary shit), read about 10 books so far (no tv or internet at my house), will be moving into a new house (long story) soon (im convinced its haunted), then into my apartment with little one on august first which is also my birthday... im sure more has happened but i just cant remember. oo i saw johnny knoxville. i was like "who's that cute boy across the street? oh, its johnny knoxville *continues to eat cheez-itz*" yea, so thats been my last month or so, it a nutshell. whatev.

if anyone knows of any places that are hiring in west chester, get back to me stat.

anyways, im gonna go do my spanish homework, do some reading, pass out for a few hours, read again, eat, and hten hopefully it will be past 8 so i dont spend my whole fucking day at the coffee shop.

kisses, mi amores!

Current mood: amused

Saturday, May 22, 2004

1:34AM - im a strong black woman.

so i get a call tuesday-ish from my friend sharon. "hey sarah! guess what your doing friday night... your coming over to my place, having a few drinks with the girls and then, at midnight, a policeman will enter...

so tonight comes around, and yes, midnight too. and my friend sharon hired a stripper. dressed as a cop. i dont think ive laughed so hard in a long time. i even got a boy to molest him in the name of dignity... so it was a great night. pictures will follow.

Current mood: amused

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

10:34AM - ahhhhhh

wait, how could i forget to mention that kate and i went to see bowie last thursday!? jesus im dense. we had a wine party in the parking lot and danced our bootys off to dear ol' mister bowie. second time we saw him too. we rule.

Current mood: duh

Monday, May 17, 2004

2:04PM - cue the babies hanging from the ceiling...

so this is my last week living in mechanicsburg. even if i come back after college my parents will be down in md-- so its goodbye. visiting will be a must... but good riddence to the land of mac trucks and car dealerships.

last night kate and i went to the starlight diner in york. it was a little haven of jersey in the middle of york. kate was sweapt with nostalgia. they had a bar and everything.

speaking of nostalgia. on vh1 classics the other day they played a video of one of the songs from Industrial Symphony #1, a play by david lynch. it reminded me of 11th grade humanities when the hoff man made us watch it and then discuss with a wild look in his eye. it was... awesome.

Current mood: energetic

Sunday, May 9, 2004

9:11PM - ode to robert who works at wendys

home again. wont be here for long. woo.

on friday i came home-- moving out was hell. it was hot. then it was rainy. then it was 5 hours later and we were just finishing cleaning out jonnys room. exhausting.

but we went to wendys afterwards where i ate my first meal of that day. a good man, i believe his name was robert, was working. he had to deal with people who didnt speak english behind the counter (literally, he was the only english speaker working), and bitchy customers. but he gave me a free drink. so MAD FUCKING UPS TO ROBERT AT THE WENDYS ON GAY ST.

anyways, im still soar from friday. *NOTE TO SELF: physical labor is a no no.

today in the newspaper there was a dog for adoption. his description: "Bandit, 8, is a neutered male husky who is friendly, quiet, outgoing, mellow, playful, affectionate and walks well on a leash and enjoys car rides. He is good with children and does well with dogs he has met on walks." ok, change the age to 7 and add "cat killer" and you have my dog. The dog also looks just like my bandit, except he has one brown eye. my mom and i wanted to adopt it but my dad said no. i think ill adopt it anyways. maybe.

Current mood: calm

Sunday, May 2, 2004


drinking most of a bottle of jack and getting so drunk you trash a bathroom and throw around half full beer cans is bad. its even worse when you dont remember it.

did i mention that i didnt feel that drunk until people started filling me in on my antics the night before? all i knew is that i walked down a street, swigging a bottle of jack until a friend caught me and brought me back to the party... its all pretty blank other than that. waking up drunk is pretty bad, too.

Current mood: confused

Wednesday, April 28, 2004



today was a fucking great day.

i am getting trashed. now.

Current mood: relieved

12:49AM - white supremisists are absolute nutters

ok, so im doing an essay on the nine bows of egypt-- ie, the nine traditional enemies of egypt. but half the articles that come up on google are people saying how original egyptians were actually white and were just 'bastardized' by interbreed with the nubians (blacks) and thats why egypt fell. one guy even tried to say that egyptian rulers were actually nordic. seriously, what the fuck!? theyre completely nuts. i... i just dont understand. thats just a complete fucking streatch, stop trying to justify your lunacy.

Current mood: annoyed

Sunday, April 25, 2004

11:27PM - im so fucking awesome.

Sooo.. ive been drunk since 3. so wer were at fennario adn annie, the little socialite that she isstarted talking to one of her townie friends and we somehow got invited to a townie party. So yea, whatever, we go.... they feed us drinks.. jim beam for me... until about 6 when they make a beer run and they ask me what i want and i say “ it doesnt apply cos i ahve no money, but i want guiness” and what do they bring em??? GUINESS!!! So i dirnk a bottle or two of that, still with a full cup of jim beam, and we leave to eat, i cart that aroundfor a while, untilw e meet up iwth davey and amber wherew e go back ot his place and drink some winel so, yea, interesting times.

Current mood: drunk

Sunday, April 18, 2004

3:12PM - jesus christo! donde esta mis pantalones?

its so hot in here. and i am taking off all my clothes. walking around in my underwear is the only way to keep cool. the heat is still on. jesus.

i have so much work to do in the next week. im trying to avoid it. one of my projects being an art project for art HISTORY. we have to DRAW. i cant do that. shes gonna get the retards version of an egyptian wall painting, and shes going to like it.

last night leanne and i tried to go see hellboy- but aparently it was mislisted, so we didnt get to see it. it was going to be our "night of class"-- pbr, gnr, and hellboy. instead, it turned out to be busch, gnr, and diner. dissapointing, but fun. we are the sleaziest bitches in west chester. holla!

Current mood: hot

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